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Emission Inventory

The most recent and comprehensive mercury emissions inventory is the 2010 global inventory of anthropogenic emissions to the atmosphere, prepared by UNEP and AMAP as a contribution to the UNEP report  “Global Mercury Assessment 2013 -Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport”. (UNEP, 2013). Information submitted to UNEP-Chemicals by Governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and available scientific information was used in the preparation of this inventory.

 This most updated inventory reports the following emissions:


Comparisons of past and present global anthopogenic mercury emission estimates
(in tonnes) produced using different procedures

    1990   1995   2000   2005   2010
Originally published inventory estimates   1732   2214   2190   1926    
Inventory estimates revised using 2005 methodology   1967   1814   1819   1921    
  of which ASGM               350    
Inventory estimates produced using 2010 methodology                   1960
  of which ASGM                   727
  Coal combustion               462   474
  Cement               133   173
  Pig iron and steel               36,7   45,5
  Non-ferrous metals (Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg)               169   200
  Large-scale gold production               98,3   97,3
  Waste from Hg-containing products               112   95,5
  Other sectors                   145

a: By-product sectors only (plus waste incineration in Europe (EU countries), Canada and the USA; b: By-product and intentional use sectors (including ASGM) combined (table modified from AMAP, 2011); c: estimate produced using 2010 methodology on 2005 activity data from essentially the sources as those used in 2010; d: includes sectors not quantified in previous inventories.